Sad Alice Said

After the first bad experience with the first bad studio it was like heaven to find ourselves working with Max Morton. The most successful single of the band “Open Your Eyes” was recorded at his studio.
Max is an incredibly talented soundproducer (soundengineer) and not less important – a musician. Max has a special individual approach to the sound of each band, to its’ flair and always feels how to emphasize this flair. We were always stunned by his unbelievable passion to work. He enjoys our music and deepens in it so greatly that we even get sad after the work is done.
We can always be sure in great results and know that we’ll stay happy with his work. Everything is fast, responsible, reliable, professional and timely. You know, anything can happen during recording, but Max is always there ready to help and make a right decision. With great pleasure we recorded 3 singles with Max and will proceed to recording a full-lenth album in the future. In some point thanks to Max we found our own exclusive sounding, own way of presenting ourselves. The environment in his studio is always awesome, very friendly and even homely… very supportive and laidback.
Max is a fascinating person, during coffee breaks he’s always eager to chat, joke and relax with us.
Thank you, Max. Appreciate working with you;)
Sincerely, all members of Sad Alice Said band.