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What clients say


The decision to choose Morton Studio was one of the best decisions Stilverlight have ever made. Once you talk to the studio master Max Morton you realize you are going to get the best possible result. And it is not a question of equipment, it’s, first and foremost, his attitude to you, your music and your ideas. His professionalism is undoubtful and with his kindness, calmness and comprehension Max is the great studio chief. It is incredibly confortable to work when you know exactly that the quality will be perfect no matter what kind of metal you play, how many instruments you record or how manifold your music is. This confidence is priceless and we are happy that we found it at the Morton Studio.
Max Morton is one of those guys we could never thank enough. If you are looking for a metal music studio — Morton Studio is a great and right choice.
Thank you, Max.

Saints ‘N’ Sinners

OK! Here’s my long awaited tribute to the one of the greatest guys I had a chance to work with: Max.
I’m not going to talk about the equipment in Morton Studio or how it’s getting better day by day. Because Max is a true and a wonderful friend and since he’s got those amazing features for himself, I see no point to talk about the sound quality of Morton Studio. If you’re reading those words on his website, it means you’ve already heard the sound samples of his works.
I met Max 3 years ago. It was an online meeting of course. We had similar music taste and he was posting his earlier works on the forum. I really liked his voice and his approach to the production. He was like Roy Z with an European touch. I had a chance to work with him on a Dio tribute album.
I was a sound producer myself but I was like the tailor who can’t sew his own pants. And when we were making final touches to our recordings, I knew that I was going to send the album to Max for mixing and mastering. And we did actually!
It was so easy to work with Max. He knew what I was talking about and I knew what he’s talking about. When I received final masters, the result is better than the sound I’d been thinking over the years. And you know what? This album is acclaimed as one of the best sounding albums in Turkey over the years. People really liked it. We were at #6 on top 10 rock albums and #1 on top 10 heavy metal albums. I know that Max has a huge part on that success.
Thank you my friend. See you on the next SNS album. Start warming up your gear.
Deniz Tuncer


Deep engagement into the process, complete dedication, absolute professionalism and inborn talent are four main features we found in Max as a soundengineer. Even more! For him mixing and mastering isn’t just a job, but more of a piece of creativity. Once you start to work with him, there is one more band member in your team. Hopefully he won’t nose up reading this and raise his fees, but we got an impression that to some extent Max helped us even as a soundproducer. Nevertheless in our new record CLOUD FACTORY and the way it sounds there is a huge contribution done by him, we don’t really think it could have been better if we had worked with someone else. As for a studio choice for the next JINJER’s record there is only one – MORTON STUDIO.

Sad Alice Said

After the first bad experience with the first bad studio it was like heaven to find ourselves working with Max Morton. The most successful single of the band “Open Your Eyes” was recorded at his studio.
Max is an incredibly talented soundproducer (soundengineer) and not less important – a musician. Max has a special individual approach to the sound of each band, to its’ flair and always feels how to emphasize this flair. We were always stunned by his unbelievable passion to work. He enjoys our music and deepens in it so greatly that we even get sad after the work is done.
We can always be sure in great results and know that we’ll stay happy with his work. Everything is fast, responsible, reliable, professional and timely. You know, anything can happen during recording, but Max is always there ready to help and make a right decision. With great pleasure we recorded 3 singles with Max and will proceed to recording a full-lenth album in the future. In some point thanks to Max we found our own exclusive sounding, own way of presenting ourselves. The environment in his studio is always awesome, very friendly and even homely… very supportive and laidback.
Max is a fascinating person, during coffee breaks he’s always eager to chat, joke and relax with us.
Thank you, Max. Appreciate working with you;)
Sincerely, all members of Sad Alice Said band.


We want to talk about a great work of Max Morton studios …he work so fast and it’s so easy for him to find a right sound for our band ….he choose right effects for the voice … in only few days he did every things , when we want to change some things he found new sound for guitar solo and bass and more ………. , and now our album is very very good for us …..

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