Saints ‘N’ Sinners

OK! Here’s my long awaited tribute to the one of the greatest guys I had a chance to work with: Max.
I’m not going to talk about the equipment in Morton Studio or how it’s getting better day by day. Because Max is a true and a wonderful friend and since he’s got those amazing features for himself, I see no point to talk about the sound quality of Morton Studio. If you’re reading those words on his website, it means you’ve already heard the sound samples of his works.
I met Max 3 years ago. It was an online meeting of course. We had similar music taste and he was posting his earlier works on the forum. I really liked his voice and his approach to the production. He was like Roy Z with an European touch. I had a chance to work with him on a Dio tribute album.
I was a sound producer myself but I was like the tailor who can’t sew his own pants. And when we were making final touches to our recordings, I knew that I was going to send the album to Max for mixing and mastering. And we did actually!
It was so easy to work with Max. He knew what I was talking about and I knew what he’s talking about. When I received final masters, the result is better than the sound I’d been thinking over the years. And you know what? This album is acclaimed as one of the best sounding albums in Turkey over the years. People really liked it. We were at #6 on top 10 rock albums and #1 on top 10 heavy metal albums. I know that Max has a huge part on that success.
Thank you my friend. See you on the next SNS album. Start warming up your gear.
Deniz Tuncer