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What clients say


For the first time our band worked with Morton Studio in January 2013, when we recorded our single «Небеса». We immediately liked Max’s attitude, he explained everything in a very precise way: what will he do and what he needs us to do to get the job done. With this single, we had all the instruments tracked at another studio in our city and it was too late to re-record something. But Max did editing and mixing on the top level. Results were outstanding. At that point everyone in our band have made up their minds of where to mix and master our new album.
In Spring 2014 we asked Max to give us recommendations on tracking our new material, so that both us and him could do best and achieve great results. We decided to record at our rehearsal studio, without any fancy studio gear, using DI-box and then reamping at Max’s place. So, he wrote us a massive guide: told us what equipment we should buy and why to record good DI signals and vocals, and how to organize a workflow in Cubase.
In Autumn 2015 the recording was complete, the projects were sent to editing, mixing and mastering. Everything our band members wanted was taken into consideration and delivered in the final mix. After a couple of weeks the first mixes were done and sent to us, then revisions were made and then the album was finalized.
On 22.11.2014 our EP «AdventuS — Голос сердца» has been published online. As guitarist, I really enjoyed the guitar tones: they are full, thick and detailed. Everything I wanted turned into life. And not just guitars — vocals, bass, keys and drums — all the band is happy and satisfied.
We’ll definitely do our third album at Morton Studio.

Sol Inside

There is no doubt, that the first studio experience is crucial for any musician or band. When entering the studio, they discover the whole new world, full of numerous pitfalls and unknown depths. So, it’s no less crucial who exactly will be their guide in this world; who will unveil the mystery curtain of the studio work to them.
While searching for the studio to record our debut release, we decided to choose Morton Studio, trusting the experience of our fellow-musicians who have already worked there earlier. After the very first talk with Max, it became clear for us that we were not mistaken. Max is not only the professional in his field, but he is also the man, who can create the most comfortable environment to work in, who can help and support the band where needed, withal not imposing his own vision or opinion. Basing on the results of recording with Max, we were happy both with the process and the end result. So now it gets one problem less for us with the next release: we already know where we’d like to record it.


Hello everyone! We’re the alternative metal band MARVEL from Kyiv. It’s been six years since our foundation, and it’s been three years since we started working with Max Morton. During this time, together with Max we’ve recorded a maxi-single «Она», it’s English version «Reduce My Pain», and a single «Найти себя». At this moment we’re in the studio, working on our new maxi-single, that’s
expected to be released in the beginning of 2013. We really like working with Max, everything goes fast and smooth! During the recording process Max is almost like another member of the band, literally reading our thoughts and creating a friendly and homely atmosphere. Sure thing, it positively affects the end result: fast, high quality work, that fully correlates with our initial ideas.
We don’t know yet when we will record our new full-length album, but we surely know where! And we recommend Morton Studio to everyone!

Infinite Tales

I am very glad that we met Morton. It happened back in 2008, at the time when we were searching for the studio to record our debut LP «Only The Beginning».
Collaborating with this studio and this man always gives the best result, and that’s exactly what we need — both me and my band.
At this moment, we’re finishing our second full length album with Max. And we really like the sound and the vibe. Personally, I can’t recall any other studio to rely on with the same confidence as I can do with Morton Studio. Therefore, I highly recommend it to everyone! I also wish Max and his studio further development and prosperity, in which I do personally believe:)
Glorf A. (I. Dovgoteles), Infinite Tales

Morphine Suffering

It’s been pure fun working with you Max! During the recording, you was not only the sound engineer, you was our fifth member, and we thank you for that. We’re glad that we met you and had an opportunity to collaborate.
Thanks for going through all those brainstorms and hardships together with us! You’re a great guy, who has so much to be proud of, and so much knowledge to share with others.

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