Massively updated portfolio!

Hey! It’s been a while since my last post here. My bad — been too busy recording, mixing and creating all sorts of music. Check out our massively renewed portfolio! Also, our gear list has been updated with some cool items, like Warm Audio TB12 and WA76, Darkglass B7K, Rode NTR, etc.


We keep moving forward and upgrading our gear off the reel! Among the most recent additions to our gear list are: Yamaha NS-10M Studio, Telefunken AR-51 and Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster.

We’d also like to mention that we’re slowly narrowing our area of activity to mixing and mastering. Speaking of full cycle production, we chose to abandon the fixed pricing tactics. Hour/daily pricing has proven to be way more effective and motivating for the musicians themselves in the first place.

So no worries, we won’t give producing or tracking bands. You are very welcome!

Studio upgrade: Kemper Profiler PowerRack

And it’s about time! It’s getting harder and harder to imagine a metal recording studio NOT using one of these beasts. We’ve been waiting for an opportunity to get one for a long time, and finally it’s here.
So… you definitely can expect some Morton Studio profiles in the future!

Adding to the family: ADAM S3X-V

As we promised before, we have massively upgraded our gear list (and will keep doing it, so stay tuned!). Now we have a pair of ADAM S3X-V responsible for the monitoring, as well the good old Yamahas MSP-7.
Besides, we have replenished our microphone locker with a mic, that definitely needs no introduction — a Shure SM-7B.
Moreover, we’ve almost finished working on the new control room, it’s fully functional already, just a few minor tweaks, and it will appear in our photo gallery.

Fresh studio upgrades

We’re currently head deep into reconstructing our control room — both acoustics and ergonomics. As soon, as we finish it, we’ll do a photo-set for you to check out!
Besides, we’re waiting for the top-class studio monitors to be delivered to us very soon.
P.S: For everyone, who is interested in recording with us, we’d like to inform that the studio time for tracking purposes is fully booked until April 2013. Nevertheless, we will accept works for mixing and mastering out of turn.
P.P.S: If you’d like to book studio time for tracking purposes at the end of Spring or later, we kindly recommend to contact us now — thus we have much more chances to find a proper time for you. It is common to reserve studio time for two or more months in advance.

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